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As of May 2, JS Laadtechniek was taken over by TIP Group. The services and service of JS Laadtechniek will remain as you are used to from us, but under the name TIP. Soon we will also refer the website to the TIP website.

If you visit the JS Laadtechniek website after mid-November, you will be automatically redirected to the TIP website. Knowing more? Take a look at: www.tipeurope.nl


Tailboard maintenance and tailboards

Quality, service and speed. These words characterize JS Laadtechniek like no other. Whether it is for the purchase, repair, maintenance or mandatory testing of your hydraulic tailboard, with years of experience and the high quality of JS Laadtechniek you have come to the right place. JS Laadtechniek can call itself the number one company available. A position we are proud of!

Are you thinking of buying one or more tailboards? We help you make the best possible decision. That way you drive around with a tailboard that completely suits your situation and your needs. This is exactly what you can expect from us!

With a mobile service available for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week,  a possible problem with a tailboard is fixed in no time. In most cases, in front of your door. Repairs and maintenance can of course also be performed in one of our four workshops. With more than a thousand inspections a year, we are by far the largest company in theNetherlandsfor the required LPK (Tailboard MOT).

In short: JS Laadtechniek, for loading with vigor!

If you wonder what JS Laadtechniek can do for you, please send us an e-mail: info@jslaadtechniek.nl


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24 hour  service:

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24-hour service
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