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Because of their intesive use, a tailboard has to endure a lot of wear and tear. Attrition can cause a defect which makes the tailboard slower in use or completely unusable. Or worse, faulty parts can cause hazardous, unsafe work situations. With an inspection you can beat these problems before they even occur.

The Dutch Health and Safety Act requires that a tailboard should be regularly inspected and maintained. In fact, you are obliged to have your tailboard inspected once a year. There is a special label MOT for tailboards which after inspection guarantees the safety of your tailboard. If the tailboard has this label it means:

  • the tailboard is inspected annually
  • a specially trained mechanic will do the inspection
  • there is a sticker with an individual number of approval on the tailboard
  • the inspection is recorded in the service records of the tailboard
  • it meets with all the requirements of a tailboard according to the Dutch RAI/LPK FOCWA checklist.

With over a 1000 inspections a year by qualified mechanics, JS Laadtechniek is by far the authority on tailboard MOT’s in theNetherlands.

For more information on MOT in the Netherlandsplease visit www.lpk.nl.

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