24 hour

Tailboard repairs

A broken tube, a button that lingers, a broken or a bent valve. A problem with the battery or motor. Although you can prevent most problems through normal maintenance, there is always the risk of something breaking. Naturally, a tailboard has a lot to endure. Annoying, because a van has to do what it was made to do: be on the go, with cargo.

It gives you peace of mind that the qualified team of JS Laadtechniek quickly perform repairs, so your van is not standing still unnecessarily.

On the road, we perform minor repairs and makeshift solutions so you can keep driving your van. You can compare it with first aid. Major repairs are performed in one of our workshops.

From our workshops in Maasdijk, Boskoop, Barendrecht and Aalsmeer, we perform an average of sixty repairs a day on a variety of tailboard brands. Our extensive inventory of vehicle parts allows us to work fast.

24 hour  service:

0174 54 03 40

24-hour service
Bandijkweg 25
2676 LH Maasdijk
Telefoon 0174 54 03 40

Boskoop ITC
Duitslandlaan 9
2391 PC Hazerswoude Dorp
Telefoon 0172 46 25 46

Koopliedenweg 17
2991 LN Barendrecht
Telefoon 0180 614 612

Truckcenter Aalsmeer
Afmijnstraat 8
1187 ZZ Amstelveen
Telefoon 0297 745 200

De Amert 508
5462 GH Veghel
Telefoon 0174 54 03 40