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Tailboard Service

Imagine for, you or your driver is about to hit the road, it might be urgent and it appears there is something wrong with the tailboard. Annoying, transport is not supposed to be standing still. Luckily, it is a good thing you can count on the 24 hour service by JS Laadtechniek. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, our servicing team is ready to fix faults and failures within no time. That way, our mechanics make sure your van is not out of the running longer than necessary. A great comfort!

After you call in a defect, our mechanic will be on site quickly to tackle the problem. Outside our working areas we contact a partner company who, under our direction, will perform the reapairs. Thanks to our coordination and expertise, this third party will be well prepared. We don’t just service within Europe, but we also have a servicing point in Surrey, Britsh Columbia, Canada.

Are you interested in customized service and maintenance? Please send an email to info@jslaadtechniek.nl and we will contact you.


From a variety of tubes to specific types of mounting hardware. We have it all at JS Laadtechniek. All parts from A to Z.

We always have plenty in stock to provide quick repairs, but also the most common types of tailboards are readily available. This short delivery time makes JS Laadtechniek an excellent partner for your company.

24 hour  service:

0174 54 03 40

24-hour service
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